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Research primarily devoted to modeling of the temperature field of the Western Carpathian's lithosphere and surrounding tectonic units. Development of suitable modeling approaches and numerical procedures for the interpretation of geothermal data in complex geological structures influenced by relatively young tectonic events i.e. solution of both direct and inverse geothermal problems in steady state or transient regime.  Prospection of deep geothermal energy sources in Slovakia by means of geothermic methods. 

Geothermal energy

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The methods of the geothermal energy sources parameters determination and their application in the region of Slovakia.


The solution of the problems of basic research of the temperature distribution and of the heat flow density components distribution caused by various types of the refractions and/or of the heat sources. The math-physical tasks in bounded 2D/3D areas are solved by means of finite difference, by finite element approaches, and by boundary elements methods.  The temperature fields modeling results are utilized by interpretation of the data describing the thermal state of the lithosphere in the region of the Western Carpathians. The interpretation approaches are adapted both to concrete structural and tectonic conditions and to available geological and geophysical data.  

Correlation map of the terrestrial heat flow density distribution (colour scale in mW/m²) and lithosphere thickness distribution (in km) both from geothermal data (military green solid and dashed isolines) and from magnetotelluric data at the determination positions (blue colour stars and values). 

  • Approaches of the construction of the primary material models and of the models of tectonic elements
  • Methodology of the solution of the inverse problems
  • Analytical and numerical solutions of mathematical-physical problems of the stationary and also the transient heat transfer within the inhomogeneous 1D - 3D medium
  • Development of the software packages
  • The application of the geothermal modeling methods for the investigation of the lithosphere thermal state in the regions under study
  • The construction of the graphic outputs in the form of the vertical and horizontal sections as well as the maps of distribution of both the temperature and heat flow density components on various geological boundaries


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