Department of Gravimetry and Geodynamics

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Radwan A. H. A. 1, Issawy E. A. 1, Dérerová J. 2, Bielik M. 2,3, Kohút I. 2

1National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics

2Geophysical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

3Department of Applied and Environmental Geophysics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University3


The Red Sea is considered to be a typical example of a newly formed ocean, therefore, a great number of studies discuss its evolution and development especially in relationship to continental rifting, initiation of sea floor spreading and plate tectonics. We focused on the 2D integrated geophysical modelling with a goal to calculate an original model of the lithospheric structure and lithosphere thickness along Profile 1 (Fig. 1) in the Red Sea region. To know lithospheric structure and thickness is important for geodynamical reconstruction of the area.

Fig. 1. Surface geological map for the region of study (from EgyptianGeological Survey, 1994) with location of studied profile.