Peter Vajda


Vajda Peter, J. Bódi, A.G. Camacho, J. Fernández, R. Pašteka, P. Zahorec, J. Papčo (2024)
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AIMS Mathematics Vol. 9, issue 5, pp 11735–11761, doi: 10.3934/math.2024575, OA free PDF
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Camacho A.G., Peter Vajda, J. Fernández (2023/2024)
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Computers and Geosciences  Vol. 182 (January 2024), 105495 (online 23. Nov. 2023),, OA free PDF
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Bódi Jozef, Peter Vajda*, Antonio G. Camacho, Juraj Papčo, José Fernández (2023)
On gravimetric detection of thin elongated sources using the Growth inversion approach 
Surveys in Geophysics (2023) 44(6): 1811–1835 (online 29 April 2023), OA free PDF
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Pánisová, J., F. Greco*, D. Carbone, S.F. Branca, Peter Vajda (2023)
New insights into geological setting of the summit area of mount Etna volcano (Italy) inferred from 2D gravity data modelling
Frontiers in Earth Science (2023) 11: 1171884 (online 24 May 2023), doi 10.3389/feart.2023.1171884, OA free PDF
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Vajda Peter, Antonio G. Camacho, José Fernández (2022/2023)
Benefits and limitations of the Growth inversion approach in volcano gravimetry demonstrated on the revisited Tenerife 2004–2005 unrest 
Surveys in Geophysics (2023), 44(2): 527–554 (online 26 Sept. 2022),, OA free PDF
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Camacho Antonio G., Peter Vajda, Craig A. Miller, José Fernández (2021)
A free-geometry geodynamic modelling of surface gravity changes using Growth-dg software
Scientific Reports (2021) 11: 23442 (online 6 Dec 2021) doi 10.1038/s41598-021-02769-z, OA free PDF
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Vajda Peter, P. Zahorec, C.A. Miller, H. Le Mével, J. Papčo, A.G. Camacho (2021)
Novel treatment of the deformation–induced topographic effect for interpretation of spatiotemporal gravity changes: Laguna del Maule (Chile)
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 414, 107230 (June 2021) doi 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2021.107230
(WOS-SCI, CCC, Q1 (SJR), Q2 (JCR),  IF(2020) = 2.789, Elsevier) invited research paper

Berrino Giovanna, Peter Vajda, P. Zahorec, A.G. Camacho, V. De Novellis, S. Carlino, J. Papčo, E. Bellucci Sessa, R. Czikhardt (2021)
Interpretation of spatiotemporal gravity changes accompanying the earthquake  of 21 August 2017 on Ischia (Italy)
Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, 51(4): 345–371, doi: 10.31577/congeo.2021.51.4.3
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Vajda Peter, Pavol Zahorec, Juraj Papčo, Richard Czikhardt (2021)
Deformation-induced topographic effect due to shallow dyke: Etna December 2018 fissure eruption case study.
Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, 51(2): 165–188, doi 10.31577/congeo.2021.51.2.4
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Vajda Peter, I. Foroughi, P. Vaníček, R. Kingdon, M. Santos, M. Sheng, M. Goli (2020)
Topographic gravimetric effects in earth sciences: Review of origin, significance and implications.
Earth-Science Reviews
, vol 211 (Dec 2020), 103428,
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(cena SAV za špičkovú vedeckú publikáciu - prvý percentil)

Vajda Peter, P. Zahorec, J. Papčo, D. Carbone, F. Greco, M. Cantarero (2020)
Topographically predicted vertical gravity gradient field and its applicability in 3D and 4D microgravimetry: Etna (Italy) case study.
Pure and Applied Geophysics, 177(7): 3315–3333, 
(CC/WOS-SCI, Q2, IF=1.615, Springer Nature) read online

pred 2020 - výber

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PDF, preprint

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prednášky a konferenčné príspevky (výber)

Vajda, P., Zahorec, P., Miller, C.A., Le Mével, H., Papčo, J., Camacho, A.G. (2021): Application of deformation–induced topographic effect in interpretation of 2013–2016 spatiotemporal gravity changes at Laguna del Maule (Chile), EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-467,, 2021 (display materials PDF)

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úplný zoznam publikácií (PDF)

IAVCEI/IASPEI and ESC workshop 2019, Tenerife
Roques de Garcia, v pozadí sopka Teide

IAVCEI/IASPEI and ESC workshop 2018, La Reunion
sopka Piton de la Fournaise


summit cratersESC IASPEI/IAVCEI 2016 workshop Stromboli
(strombolská aktivita vo vrcholových kráteroch)

Cape Town
35IGC, aug 2016, Cape Town, Južná Afrika
(Kapské mesto, pohľad zo Stolovej hory)

pahoehoe lava
SEG-AGU júl 2016, Hilo, Havajské ostrovy
(pahoehoe láva z krátera PuuOo, Kilauea)

LeitrimIAVCEI/IASPEI 2014, Leitrim, Írsko
(zámok Lough Rynn, november 2014)

Santorini 2014
VOLAND 2014, ostrov Santorini, Grécko

Fiji 2014
SVEOCC 2014, Nadi, Fidži, Južný Pacifik
(ostrov Castaway)

Madrid 2013
IAMG 2013, Madrid, španielsko

Salina 2011
ESC 2011, Salina, Liparské ostrovy, Taliansko

Lanzarote 2009
Lanzarote, Kanárske ostrovy, 2009
(Los Hervideros)

Crete 2008 Elafonisi
IAG 2008, Chania, Kréta, Grécko (Elafonisi)

malta 2008WSEAS 2008, Malta

Lanzarote 2003
Lanzarote, Kanárske ostrovy, 2003
(pláž El Golfo)

CGU 1993, Banff, Alberta, Kanada
(Valley of Ten Peaks)