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Measurements of solar and terrestrial radiation

Written by  Dušan Bilčík | Published in: Solar and terrestrial radiation

On the meteorological observatories in Stará Lesná and Skalnaté Pleso there are the following measurements of solar and terrestrial radiation performed:


Global radiation

Pyranometer Kipp & Zonen, model CMP6

Reflected radiation

Pyranometer Yanishevsky 

Diffuse radiation

Pyranometer Sonntag 

Direct solar radiation

Pyrheliometer Kipp & Zonen, model CM1

UV-B radiation

UV biometer Solar Light, model 501A 

Radiation balance

Radiometer Kipp & Zonen, model NR Lite 2

 Photosynthetically active radiation

PAR Quantum sensor Kipp & Zonen, model PQS1

 Longwave radiation

Pyrgeometer Kipp & Zonen, model CGR3

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