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Meteorological observatories

Two experimental places in the High Tatra Mountains - Meteorological Observatories - belong to the Department of Atmospheric Physics :


at Skalnaté Pleso in the location of Astronomical Observatory building

φ = 49° 11'; λ = 20° 14'; H = 1778 m a.s.l.


Stará Lesná located inside the Astronomical Institute SAS residence.

                    φ = 49° 09'; λ = 20° 17'; H = 810 m a.s.l.


Short history of meteorological observatory.

The regulary observations started in 1988 with help of central measuring station M1T 350 used to both automatically gather and archive data of selected elements. Standard climatological measurement were conducted daily by the observer. Since 1995 the new central measuring station ESM 200 replace the old one. The last innovation of both central measuring station (datalogger PROlog) and measuring instruments was accomplished in the year 2014.


Observation program

  • measuring standard meteorological elements
  • measuring solar and terrestrial radiation
  • air pollution monitoring





Short history of meteorological observatory.


The history of observatory can be divided into four main phases:

1st period 1939-1943

meteorological measurements were conducted in the building of funicular and hotel Encian

2nd period 1943-1960

meteorological station was moved into the new building of Astronomical observatory

3rd period 1961-1962

meteorological measurements were conducted by astronomical observers on Astronomical observatory.

4th period after 1962

since September 1962 meteorological observatory is under administration of firstly Laboratory of Meteorology and Climatology of Slovak Academy of Sciences  and lately Geophysical Institute SAS, currently (since July 2015) Geophysical Division of Earth Science Institute SAS.


In the 1967 the first digitalized measurements started with help of central measuring station UM10. After 10-year work the old measuring station was replaced by the new system ADIMES (started operation in June 1977) 
 The next innovation was accomplished in August 1986 when the new central station M1T 350 was installed. In the year 1995 the measuring system was further upgraded by installation of system EMS 200. 

Observation program

  • standard climatological measurements conducted manualy by the observer
  • specialized meterological elements measurement conducted automatically by central measuring system