Vozár Ján - Research Description

  • Multidimensional electromagnetic modeling of the Earth - particularly magnetotelluric (MT) and geomagnetic
  • Geophysical - Petrological modeling of the Earth
  • Geophysical joint inversion modeling
  • Principles of magnetotelluric (MT) soundings

    The MT method uses the time-varying Earth's magnetic field as its source, and depth penetration (depends on period). The variations are generated by the interaction of the solar plasma with the Earth's magnetosphere. By Faraday's Law of Induction, this varying magnetic field induces an electric called 'telluric' field in the Earth and the strength of the telluric field is dependent on the conductivity of the medium.



    Estimated MT sounding curves are inverted to multidimensional (1D, 2D, 3D) geoelectrical models of subsurface distribution of conductivity (inverse value - resistivity) withing the Earth.

    SASPRO - Slovak Academy of Sciences Programe
    CRITHON3D - Multi-dimensional integrated geophysical-petrological modelling of the crust, and uppermost mantle for central Europe region by structural joint inversion

    International project

  • The assesment of geothermal potential in Ireland. EM studies in New Castle area (Vozár et al. 2015).


  • Porosity studies and joint inversions in Lough Neagh basin.



  • Electromagnetic studies in central and northern Tibet. Geophysical - petrological modeling in central Tibet (Vozár et al. 2014).


    CEMES (Central Europe Mantle geoElectrical Structure)

  • Updating the Map of Earth's Surface Conductance (Vozár et al. 2006)

  • Numerical simulations of the new deep electromagnetic sounding (magnetovariational) of the mantle (Vozár J., Semenov V., 2010)


  • The mantle geoelectrical structure in the vicinity of the Trans-European suture zone (Puskarev et al., 2006)

  • Isoconductance (integral) surface - Depth of astenosphere?

    CELEBRATION 2000 (Central European Lithospheric Experiment Based on Refraction)

  • Seismic refraction and wide angle reflection profiles (Vozar, 2004 report)
  • Slovak magnetotelluric continuation of this seismic project (2D magnetotelluric profile in Western Slovakia with Carphatian Conductivity Anomaly (CCA) (Hvoždara, Vozár, 2004))


    Magnetotelluric prospection
    - several campaign for identifying thickness of sediment basins, geothermal reservoars etc. - geological units with high conductivity contrast
    Enviromental geomagnetic and electromagnetic measurements
    - monitoring of geomagnetic field, perturbing artificial EM fields, EM smog